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We are excited to announce that we will be reviewing and accepting submissions for guest blog posts, articles, stories.

We are looking for wonderful unique content with articles that range in topics such as: home improvement, home cleaning, carpet cleaning, mud cleaning, plumbers, home products etc!

We accept guest author post submissions from a wide variety of authors and agencies and can figure out an acceptable plan to benefit both you and your agency as well as our firm.

How to Write For Us:

While writing for us you need to make sure that your content should match our guidelines and meets our basic requirements.
• As per the rules, the content should be original, self-written, non-plagiarized and error-free.
• We might form some changes to your existing content to match with the expectation level of the website.
• You need to agree with the fact that you will never use the same content anywhere else.
• We might promote your content on several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The article you provide us should at least contain 800 of word length and it is only be rated to the home improvement otherwise it will not be appreciated.

We reserve the right to decline your content if it is not up to the standard of our website.

Submit your Article/Blog/Story

If you have a story and want to get published on our website then get in touch with us. You can simply drop a mail on our official ID: mediapost34@gmail.com, and you will be notified for further process soon.

Note: The commercial/promotional content will be paid.

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